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Animal Sun Facts

More than 10,000,000 accumulated streams across all platforms

Over 130,000+ monthly listeners

Viral video with more 1,400,000 views on TikTok

To date Animal Sun has completed 4 tours.

2 National, 1 Midwest, and South West.

Raised $25,000 from our fanbase to tour with

Kelsy Karter and King Mala this past spring



Featured DREAMERS on the main single “I’M ALREADY DEAD” on their latest record


Shared stages/toured with:

The Frights


Kelsy Karter

King Mala

The Orphan The Poet

The Higher


This fall Animal Sun are the direct support for Anarbor and The Higher on the leg of their South West tour.




The stage is set and the meeting of where our story begins is about to take place. Symbolizing the division/war between the head and the heart, our two characters, red and blue, are nothing more than a tale as old as time. Despite how many of these stories have ended in tragedy, perhaps this time there may be hope for our two characters? Only time will tell.


Here lies the beginning of our story where our two characters initially meet. The haunting build of rhythmic progressions into an explosion of chaotic energy symbolizes their level of attraction to each other. The raging emotions crash over the two souls similar to that of a hurricane, one so powerful they question whether it was only a dream to begin with.


Things take a sudden dark turn as red and blue begin to grow dangerously close to one another. Their feelings turn into obsession and as they explore each other's wounded past and see an all too similar reality. Their dance feels circular, almost predator-like as to who will make the first move and destroy the other. 


Depression overtakes blue as the character begins to retreat inward shortly after responding to red's initial advances. Blue almost becomes a metaphor for the mental ailment itself, clinging desperately to any self-destructive method that will keep the emptiness away, searching for a way to stay alive. 


The story takes a brief digression into the world of red's shattered past. As blue grapples with their own crises, red must also face a similar trial of their own. Wandering the city landscape searching desperately to understand their connection with blue, they grow to almost resent them. Responding with the inner thought "I hate every word you say".


Red attempts to make contact with blue once again after failing to distract themselves from their true feelings. This time however blue has decided their short lived fantasy was nothing more than an illusion conjured out of desperation for connection, and works much better as friendship. This nearly drives red over the edge who continues to attempt to break through the new wall now put before them. Day after day, night after night the advances are brushed of until one day blue can no longer deny their connection. In a whirlwind of emotion, both characters reunite once more.


A moment of clarity overcomes the two characters as they push through their individual challenges finding the perfect resolution. They have grown to love each other in ways both never thought possible, becoming living proof that people are so much more than a representation of their checkered past. The two embrace and the world seems to melt away with the touch of their fingertips.


We have reached the end of our story and although the two have made it through so much together, blue remains apprehensive of red's true feelings. Their souls enter a deep reflection where they learn to no longer live for each other, but with each other. A very healthy and important distinction many young couples often grapple with themselves. Only when the two halves are no longer broken can they become whole. Red and blue showed this to be more than possible through their own story. Reminding the world no matter how horrible and dark things may seem, there always remains hope.